2019 - The season awaits!

February 20, 2019

Young Caravanners, Maxview, 2019 and our first year in review!






It always seems to be such a long time between writing these posts. I was shocked to see we hadn’t updated our blog for well over two months and last time we did, Grace was talking about the benefits of winter caravanning, which can be a fantastic experience that time of year. Here we are, two and a bit months later and things are on the move!

This week plays host to one of the UK’s biggest leisure industry events, the National Caravan, Camping and Motorhome show at the NEC. It’s very hard to believe it was almost six months from the last one, it feels like yesterday! Once again, we’ll be taking an extended break to the NEC, visiting Friday – Sunday. One day in never enough for us at the show, there’s simply too much to see and do! The only difference for us this Feb is that we’ve opted for a hotel, in lieu of an on-site caravan facility which is perfect for popping to and from the exhibition halls as you please.

We don’t have any great plans for the weekend, just to get out, meet people and see exactly what the industry has to offer consumers for 2019. It’s very exciting! We’ll be around for the three days and have some competition goodies with us to give away. If you’d like a chance to win some great stuff, or just want to say, hello, keep an eye out on our social media channels, @Youngtourers to see where we are!



It’s been a relatively quiet winter period for Young Tourers. Other commitments and a lack of winter bookings doesn’t make for a very exciting social media feed but I guess that’s the nature of the beast. Our highlights this winter have been the Young Caravanners New Year’s rally in Norfolk where we welcomed 10 units for a great extended weekend which included a New Year’s Eve party, fireworks and a day trip to the coast. It was great and our thanks go out to Matthew and Sammie Farrar for organising this for the group! Second to this, we’ve also recently been fortunate to head behind the scenes at one of our supporters. Maxview, manufacturers of aerial and satellite systems in the UK, invited us along recently to take a look behind the scenes and see what really happens behind closed doors. We we’re pleasantly surprised at how well this small but well-oiled company operate to ensure only the best products are sold and dispatched to consumers around the world. Whilst we we’re there, Maxview also challenged us to put their latest product to the test, the Connect Auto Skew. We’re always up for a challenge so in no time, it was fitted to the caravan, ready for some serious testing. Review and feedback to come on this system to come soon.





This Feb also represents a whole year since we decided to give ‘Young Tourers’ a go and take our travels to the internet. Unsure of what would be made of it, we crossed our fingers and went for it. It’s been a year of great success for the message we’ve been trying to get out! Caravanning, Camping and Motorhoming and our three F’s… Fun, Friends and Freedom! We set out to simply showcase what the leisure market has to offer for millennials and boy were we shocked by the response. Overwhelming support from industry gave us the push to take things further and so we formed the Young Caravanners club. With over 350 members now and two events under our belt, this group is going from strength to strength. We’re really looking to see where this can go in 2019. I would like to say a special thankyou to our supporters for their backing, with special thanks to Caravan and Motorhome Club, Maxview and Caravan Magazine.  



For me, this time of the year and the show has a greater significance than just the show itself. It marks the start of the 2019 touring summer season and gives us something to look forward too. There’s always a buzz in the air as you walk around the halls visiting the stands and exhibitors and really is the kick you need to get ready for spring! But what does the rest of the season have in store for us? Well… A lot more of what you’ve already seen. We’ve got a few trips booked for the year ahead, starting off in a few weeks with a quick week long tour around middle England. Our other main trip for the year is planned for the end of October. The details are still a secret until it’s all booked and organised but it promises to be one to remember. We tend not to book too much throughout the year in favour of freestyling. Booking onto a site a short notice, hitching up and heading off has a spontaneous, adventurous feel to it and makes for a lot of pleasant surprises. I guess that’s just the nature of caravanning!

Further to this, we’re planning a number of Young Caravanners events. A couple of these are very close to being finalised and should be announced soon, but we will again be having a summer extravaganza event as we did in 2018. Check out March edition of Caravan magazine for our three page article on the event that we held at Rutland water in September. We’re hoping to bring you guys a lot more content too. Some exciting projects are underway. Again, I can’t say too much on that either, we’ve been sworn to secrecy!

Finally, I just want to wish you all a happy and successful 2019 touring season! If you see us at the NEC this weekend, make sure you grab us and say hello! You might even win some of our goodies!


On behalf of all of us, Happy 2019!

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February 20, 2019

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