The beauty of winter caravanning

December 5, 2018


Since myself and Dan started caravanning almost 3 years ago, we have toured all over the UK throughout all seasons. Yes, this includes winter months and we do believe caravanning is an all year round adventure. As we like to say ‘a caravan has wheels for a reason’. Don’t get me wrong we do love the warmer seasons too, but touring in the winter does bring a different experience all together. With our caravan having built in facilities and additional gadgets, there is no excuse not to explore in colder weathers.


Our first winter caravanning adventure was back in February 2017 where we took our caravan to Brighton Caravan Club Site. The temperatures hit minus during our stay but to our surprise, the site was almost completely full! Yep that’s right we couldn’t believe it either, winter caravanning is definitely more popular than we thought. With the added benefit of service pitches and quality and warm toilet facilities on this club site, I can understand why they are so favoured.

What we found great about this particular site and other caravan club sites, is the length of time they are open within the year. Apart from the odd site closed from October to March, most caravan club sites are open all year which allows many caravanners to tour during the winter too. Similar to our stay at Brighton Caravan Club Site, other sites have reduced tariff’s during the winter months which can be a real benefit for those wishing to escape high season costs.


In December 2017 we stayed at Stanford Hall Caravan Park in the midst of the ‘Best from the East’ winter storm. This was the coldest weather we had ever been away in and temperatures hit as low as -11 ⁰C during our stay. Although there is something quite magical about a caravan site covered in ice and snow, we did face some issues. As the temperatures were so low with chilling winds, the aqua roll and the waste pipes froze so nothing could come in or out of the caravan. A couple opposite us were even using the hairdryer on their waste pipe just so they could brush their teeth! However, we were thankful for having the Alde heating and an on board water tank which allowed us to have drinking and warm water. What's also great about having on on-board water tank during the winter, is that you don't need to carry a second water container in addition.


Although it may feel like the winter months are bleak, there are plenty of places to explore with your caravan and many activities to do. Our latest winter adventure was to Chatsworth Park Caravan Club Site in February - March 2018 based in the heart of the peak district. Despite the weather again being cold, there was plenty to do. We explored the local town of Bakewell which we have previously talked about in our ‘Top trip to the peaks’ blog and climbed some of the local peaks. Our favorite walk was up ‘Mam Tor’ also known as the mother hill of the peaks. We spent the day walking through snow and ice and it was really stunning at the top! It was definitely worth every second and although Dan did slip on the ice once or twice, it was perfect and didn’t cost us a penny.

Although it doesn’t feel too ‘wintery’ at the moment, we are definitely in the Christmas - winter spirit. On our latest stay, we kitted out our caravan with 1000 lights! Even though we have to work up to and around the Christmas holiday, we do plan on venturing out again with the caravan during winter. Our next stay will be to Dereham in Norfolk for the young caravanners rally!

We definitely love touring all year around and would encourage anyone to do it. It brings a different adventure all together and there are real benefits. However, there are some top-tips to bear in mind:


1) If you don't have an on-board water tank in your caravan, it's an idea to invest in an insulated bag to keep the frost off your aqua roll to prevent freezing.


2) Ensure your heating system is working well and may want to consider an additional plug-in heater for the colder temperatures (below zero)


3) Consider using propane gas instead of butane, as butane is ineffective below zero degrees. 


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