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June 11, 2018



Hello explorers! It's been a while since we updated our blog, uploaded a video or shared any big news! I thought that now might be a great opportunity to tell you all about whats going on in our Youngtourers world!

First of all, It's a big thankyou that goes out to each and every one of you who has liked, reposted, shared or followed us across social media. We've now had over 200 follows on Instagram and Twitter, which is great! Some of our youtube content has also been well recieved, such as our 'Tiny Tourers Test' in association with caravan magazine, which has achieved over 1000 views in just over 10 days! That is fantastic! It really is the people who support you that make it all worth while. Some of the inspiring messages and emails we've had (one even hand written), really do give you the encouragement to push on and take things up a gear. A special thanks goes out to those who have sent us these kind and inspirational messges!


So why the radio silence lately? It's been a very busy period for all of us. For Grace and I, personal circumstances, changes of Job and a partial relocation to the East coast for a better future over the past few weeks has made it a busy one. I'm currently studying a part time degree which is also taking a huge toll on our work life balance, with coursework, assignments and deadlines coming out of my ears. Fortunately, we're coming to the end of the term which will hopefully give me a little more time to spend on caravanning and YoungTourers! We haven't been away as much as we'd like to this year so far for these reasons but managed to squeeze in a gorgeous week away to Mallorca in late may, a well earned and needed break.


Karl and Rhea have also had a pretty busy time with the commitments that life brings. I know that earlier this year, we reported that they'd had some downtime with the Buccaneer being in for warranty work, so far, things seem better and they've made some good use of the van in 2018, visiting the Peak District, Wales and Northwich, where we did some filming of the Vango Somona! Karl and Rhea are looking forward to their exotic holiday to Mexico in the next couple of weeks, for some well earned rest... 


lo pases muy bien en las vacaciones!!!


Onwards and upwards. It always seems that you look forward to the summer all winter long. It arrives, you blink and it's gone in a flash, I'm sure it should be longer! We're now well into June and starting to run out of months and bank holidays for that matter! So what should you expect to see from us for 2018. Well, alot more of what you've already seen, our travels! Grace and I, and Karl and Rhea have bookings in the diary. Some of these are together and some are seperate, so as far as socials go, it's a bigger bang for your buck! The main events for Grace and I this year are visiting the Royal International Air Tattoo (RIAT), in mid July with the Gloucestershire centre of the Caravan and Motorhome Club as well as our first ever overseas adventure! We're not going far, across to Holland to test the waters of continental caravanning! That's in september, so we'll be proding you guys for your overseas experieces soon. Don't worry though, as ever, you'll see all of our travels and adventures on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!


Caravan, Caravan, Caravan! We've been very luck over the past 6 months to have won over the support of the guys at Caravan Magazine, who think we have an arguement for 'Young caravanning'! It's been great to work with them on a number of topics and give some feedback from a different perspective. You might have seen some of our articles and features, including 'Me and My van' , Review of 2014 'Elddis Crusader storm', Review of 2018 'Buccanner Barracuda' and a few others. There's still plenty that you haven't seen though. We we're thrown in the deep end and given a product or two to try! Kampa Easy awning Pulley, a great bit of kit. Our review can be seen on youtube, search 'Young Tourers', although, we think the outtakes video is much more entertaining!


Back in March, we visited a site in Ancaster to act as guest judges to review 8 'Tiny Tourers'! It was great fun and last week the video was released. Check out the written article in the latest edition of Caravan Magazine too!


 Is that it? no! There's more, Since then, we've been playing with a few other bits and pieces including a Vango Sonoma II awning, our top 10 caravanning essentials, as well as currently undergoing a long term test of two great new Satellite products for at both ends of the market for Maxview. Articles and video features of these are expected in the next month or two. Of course, as soon as we know about these, you'll be the first to know!


Probably, the most exciting thing we have planned for 2018 is a 'Young Caravanners Rally'! We've really tried hard to give caravanning the appeal to our age group! Through word of mouth, Social media, shoutouts and the awesome coverage from Caravan Magazine and ErwinHymer Group, just to mention a few, the group now has just under 300 members! Not an enormous number but the growth rate is staggering. It's amazing to see all the people from different locations and different walks of live coming together to share that one thing that they love, Caravanning! So far, almost 50 of the members have registered their interest, that is amazing. Details are all still to be confirmed but this is happening in early september and promises to be a fantastic weekend with support from some big industry names. There's no age 'rule', of course, everyone is invited, but we hope that common sense prevails in what our message is about! We'd appreciate all your support! If you fancy joining us, join the 'Young caravanners' facebook group. Details below.


Now, down to business! August, September and October are looking busy time for YoungTourers. Young caravanners rally, a week in Holland, ErwinHymer open weekend, the list goes on. One of my personal highlights is always the Leisure shows. In the past, we've always been and done this in a day. In honesty, a day isn't enough. It's great to be able to take the time and stop to say hello! This year, we'll all be visiting and staying at two shows. Firstly, the Malvern caravan show, 5-7th October and the Caravan and Motorhome show at the NEC, where we plan to be there between 19-21st October. It would be great to see everyone there!


I guess that's all for now folks. remember to stay tuned to our socials for more updates:


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Young caravanners facebook group:


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