I can't afford to go caravanning! Part 1 - Caravans

April 13, 2018


Here we are in 2018! With many people's wages sitting stagnant, only benefitting from pay increases barely beating inflation and the impending EU Brexit in 2019, its clear to see why it's more important than ever to take care of where your money is going!


As many of you will be aware, the youngtourers key aim is to open up the appeal of caravanning to those in their late teens, 20's and 30's. When the two YT couples first got together, one of the obstacles we associated with was the cost of caravanning. In this blog, I hope to show that caravanning really can be what you make it and that YOU can do it! If your young and thinking about caravanning, then listen up!


Choosing a Caravan

Where do i start? Well... a caravan I guess would be a good place. Entering the world of touring can seem a tad daunting... very daunting in fact. Some of us take our experience for granted, originating from caravanning families where we would have been learning before we could walk and talk! For those who didn't have the luxury of this early knowledge, it can seem a minefield. Great plans and big ideas, but unsure of how to put them into practice.


Choosing a caravan could seem like an impossible mission too! Size, Layout, optional this, Al-ko that.... it goes on! We're not here to tell you what you should and shouldn't buy but three things we think should be considerations:


-  Your budget

- How often will you use it / what is it's purpose?

- Towing limitations and storage?


This blog is focussing on showing you that you really can afford caravanning on any budget, so I will mainly focus on the cost elements. Fortunately there is a good used caravan market out there in the UK. The industry is seeing a boom at present in the used sales which does mean that alot of tourers don't hang around for long. Generally speaking, you can come by a caravan which meets your criteria at any budget. What do i mean by this?


We found this new 2018 Elddis avante 860 for sale on caravanfinder.co.uk from Greentrees Adventurestore. This Avante has a great end bedroom, transverse bed layout, great for couples or a family of 4! Take a look at the pictures below. The caravan has an MTPLM of 1695KG and is currently for sale for £22,559!

 Now, by simply flipping the results listings, one of the first caravans I came across was a 2002 Elddis Crusdaer Superstorm. Althought this caravan doesn't have a dedicated fixed bed, it does benefit from a double dinette, meaning that the seating area to the front or the rear of the caravan can be left made as a bed. The caravan still benefits from many features of the new caravan such as Al-KO AKS hitch stabiliser, Large HEKI rooflights and blown air heating system. The van will sleep 5 and has an MTPLM of 1800KG. What's the difference, well this used model is advertised by Hitchin Caravans for £5,995



Does it matter?

In the simplest way, no! Caravan choice is simply a personal preference. Little, large, High spec or basic, it really does come down to your needs. In a round about way, no matter what you buy, they all do the same job and that's to get you out and about, making memories and taking on new adventures. The caravans in this blog were just one size and type of caravan that I looked at. The same process works for all caravans.

For those of you who are just starting out and are not sure what to buy. Our advice would be to just look at as many as possible. Different sizes, models, ages and prices. Caravans can be a very personal thing, and in our experience, your sure to get that instinctive feeling when you walk into the right van!


we will be writing a number of these posts regading costs of caravanning and will cover, Tow cars, Holidays, Insurances etc... and anything else we find along the way.

If you're not sure and would like some advice, feel free to get in touch with us! There is also a number of great guides on youtube.


Caravans featured:



2018 Elddis Avante 860



2002 Elddis Crusader Superstorm



Elddis Caravans




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