A brilliant ‘Tiny Tourers’ weekend!

March 15, 2018


We’re slowly starting to get into the swing of things with the new site and all the socials. We’ve been completely overwhelmed by your support over the past couple of months and want to say a massive thankyou to you all! 


So what’s new? Not a lot, young tourers are still catching up on the content we haven’t yet posted! Keep your eyes peeled for things to come, we will get there! 


Last weekend, we were given  an opportunity that we couldn’t refuse! We were cordially invited by the team at Caravan Magazine to act as guest judges for a ‘Tiny Tourers’ test! This also gave us the opportunity to meet up for the second time this year! We were excited. 


The site we stayed at was Woodland Waters in Ancaster, near Grantham.  We arrived late on Friday after dark... due to work, again! With everyone mucking in, setting up the two vans took no time at all and we were soon relaxing having a well earned end of working week drink! 


Saturday was an early rise to start testing. A quick shower and a bite to eat before the thorough tests began! It was only then that we saw the beauty of this site, one that’s highly recommended, with views over the lake and an on-site restaurant and bar. Ideal for fisherman and nature lovers.

That morning was occupied with testing and judging the 8 small caravans that had been delivered. We were amazed at the variety of caravans you could buy in this market and each was unique. From the style driven T@B and Eriba Ocean Drive to the qwerky and practical Opus Air Folding camper, each one of these units had something to offer. Pens and scoresheets at the ready, we descended on the vans one by one and began judging. We covered a range of criteria including Lounging, cooking, washing, versatility and most importantly value for money! With such differences in price and specification, it could seem to be a minefield for the less experienced buyer. The morning was spent pulling, twisting and poking the vans before we gave our final verdict and the 4 youngtourers had only one clear winner! 

We can’t spoil the suprise just yet but we are super happy with our winner and think it would be a firm favourite for most. There were two other vans which battled for it and these are highly commended. Keep and eye out for the results of this test on our socials @youngtourers! 


After a busy morning, Saturday afternoon was a time to sit back and relax before we headed out for an evening meal. We ventured out into Lincolnshire but after a number of restaurants with no tables in the busy Saturday period, we made a quick retreat back to the on site restaurant at Woodland Waters. We had a lovely meal here and an evening for us all to chat about our upcoming plans!


Sunday came and went and before we knew it it was time to hitch up and travel our separate ways! Before we left, we had just enough time for a quick ‘photo shoot’ of our vans on the sites rally field. We took some great photos which can be seen in this post and on our website. 


Keep your eyes peeled for the results on this one, it might not be as you expect!


From all at @YT




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