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March 13, 2018

Hello, and welcome to our first blog post!

As young tourers is two couples, we thought it would be good for you to know who's posting each entry. At the top you'll see a name with (YT) after it, That's your author! Today, it's me, Dan, on the right in the picture below.

In this post, i wanted to explain a bit about Youngtourers (YT) and what our aims and goals are for this site and social media. If you've been through the site already and seen our 'About' page, you may already have a pretty good idea!

Back at the end of 2017, Grace and I found that we felt there was a number of blockers and obstacles faced by many younger people who may want to get into touring. These included minimum ages for insurance, B&E towing licences for many vans, not to mention being able to know what your doing. A relatively quick search through facebook revealed a group called 'Young Caravanners'. We joined immediately and found a small, yet prosperous group of like minded young individuals all building on the small community. It was soon after this that we made contact with the guys who had set this group up, Karl and Rhea (the other half of YT). In speaking to them, it was clear that our frustrations were shared and they had the same experiences. We soon became friends and realised there was alot in common, most of all our joint love for caravanning!

In early 2018, we decided to try and bring change to the industry, to encourage a more diverse audience. We have found out from Practical Caravan Magazine that less than 9% of their readers are under the age of 45! Is this an opportunity missed? We think so!

We drafted a letter which was sent to a number of industry leaders recommending change and more diversity. Second to this, we also believed it would be great to showcase our own travels and adventures through the use of our website/blog and social media! we wanted to make caravanning relatable to those in their 20's and 30's.

We're glad to report that the response so far from industry has been overwhelmingly positive and we're received a great deal of backing and support from industry leaders, Manufacturers and the Media.

The response to our social media has also taken us by suprise, with our instagram account receiving 100 follows within 3 weeks and our twitter page receiving the same in little under 2 weeks. A big thanks to all those who have supported us, liked and followed our pages! It's the likes of all you guys, big and small who are helping us to promote the cause. Young Tourers is about showcasing the fun and adventures you can have in a caravan or motorhome and that IT IS COOL! One point we really want to emphasise is that our cause is about integration, making young 20's touring around 'the norm'.

We're planning a great deal more which we want to share with you lovely bunch through this blog and on socials. Let us know what you think or get in touch.

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